Stuff we are good at

Expertise in full-stack development, femtech, UX, design, and marketing. We transform high-level strategy into practical implementation, at the intersection of business development, communication, and technology.

Our Services

Fullstack development

With our focus on fullstack development, we can deliver outstanding results across the entire technology stack. Our broad expertise and experience enable us to create seamless and efficient digital solutions.

  • Front-end and back-end expertise
  • Optimization for user experience and performance
  • Database management and system architecture
  • Flexible and scalable code development
  • Continuous adaptation to the latest development trends
  • Web development (headless CMS, Wordpress, Kirby, Gatsby, Ghost, Drupal)
  • App development (iOS, Android)
  • Platform development
  • Software testing
  • Data analysis and machine learning
  • Blockchain development
  • E-commerce development
  • DevOps services
  • Deep Learning

What would a fantastic product be without its consumers? You can create the most innovative product or service in the world, but it wouldn't matter if it isn't discovered and used. We excel at creative marketing solutions and product development – and we love working with startups to build innovative products from the ground up.

  • Data analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand building
  • Content marketing
  • Automation
  • Product development
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Growth strategy for startups
  • Diverse marketing strategies
  • Optimization of digital presence and visibility
  • Target audience analysis and segmentation
  • Creative campaign design
  • Social media strategies
  • SEO and SEM (search engine optimization and search engine advertising)
  • Market data analysis
  • Influence and collaboration with influencers

A good service/product and marketing strategy mean nothing if you don't have good and consistent design and user experience. We ensure that you not only have a great product and strategy, but that you also look really good and have a consistent, clear, and user-friendly product.

  • Branding
  • UX & UI design
  • Media production
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Print design
  • Typography
  • Product design
  • Interaction design
  • E-book design
Motion media and film production

Our passion for storytelling and creativity is fueled by our ability to create engaging and memorable motion media products. With our deep understanding of visual communication and narrative techniques, we can transform your ideas into inspiring visual tools.

  • Creative direction and script development
  • Filming and recording of the highest quality
  • Advanced editing and post-production
  • Visual effects and animated graphics
  • Sound production and sound design
  • Storyboards and pre-visualization
  • Campaign and commercial films
  • Documentaries and narrative content
  • Streaming and online videos
  • Production for TV, theaters, and digital platforms
  • Experience-based video productions
Audio and e-book production

With our expertise in audio production and digital media formats, we can breathe life into your story through high-quality audio and e-book productions. Our skill spans creating soundscapes that resonate and e-books that engage.

  • Professional audio editing and sound mixing
  • Studio-quality recording of narrator voices
  • Sound design and sound effects for a rich auditory experience
  • Creation of soundtracks for films, games, and presentations
  • Podcast production and launch
  • Music composition and background music
  • Format conversion and optimization for various platforms
  • E-book design and layout
  • Creation of interactive and multimedia-rich e-books
  • Accessibility adaptation for different devices and e-reader platforms
  • Audiobooks for both entertainment and education
  • Integration of motion graphics and interactivity in e-books

Our strengthts

Expertise in Femtech and full-stack development

We specialize in both Femtech and full-stack development, which uniquely positions us to create innovative technical solutions in this field. Our expertise enables smooth and efficient project executions.

  • Strategically focused Femtech expertise
  • Holistic understanding of the technology stack
  • Creative problem-solving
  • New perspectives on technology in women's health
  • Continuous skill development
Creative and versatile team

We are a diversified team where everyone is highly creative and extremely skilled in their respective areas. With our collective expertise in marketing, development, design, and strategy, we enable a unique and creative approach in all our projects.

Skalbart och flexibelt team

We form a scalable and flexible team that can grow and adapt to the scope of the project. Our versatile skill set enables seamless scalability and adaptation to various challenges, clients, and projects.

  • Rapid resource allocation
  • Expansive expert network
  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Adaptation to changing needs
  • Scalability without compromise
Agile working methodology

We embrace agile working methodologies. By being flexible and adaptable, we can quickly respond to changing needs and deliver results in a short time.

  • Agile project management
  • Shorter development cycles
  • Continuous communication
  • Rapid adaptability
  • Customer involvement throughout the process
Security and structure in focus

Our dedication to security and structure permeates every aspect of our work. We prioritize security and adhere to strict structures to ensure that each project is carried out meticulously and organized.

  • Strict security protocols
  • Clear workflows
  • Thorough documentation
  • Comprehensive quality control
  • Elimination of risk factors
We are fair and kind

With us, you won't experience boring corporate meetings or hierarchies. We are personal, relaxed, and approach every project with deep commitment.

  • Personal commitment
  • Open and honest communication
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Proactive problem-solving
  • Responsive to customer needs

Our ability to quickly adapt to different industries and challenges is one of our signature strengths. Whether it's developing a technical product, designing a creative campaign, or crafting a strategy, we excel in understanding and adapting to each unique project, delivering tailored solutions.

  • Rapid learning curve for new industries
  • Creative thinking beyond the comfort zone
  • Adaptation to diverse target audiences
  • Flexibility in project management and workflows
  • Understanding of various business contexts

Latest projects

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Some words of praise

We received super-fast assistance from Emma at WOWEN to convert our backlist into both EPUB2 and EPUB3 formats. She delivered high-quality and accurate files and was also responsive to our unique needs, making adjustments according to our preferences. Collaborating with Emma was a pure delight, and she exceeded our expectations in every way. We look forward to working with WOWEN again in the future for our digital publishing needs!

Kitt Publishers
Jasmijn Bijl, Digital Editor

WOWEN has truly been our secret success factor! Emma demonstrated her outstanding ability to grasp our vision and goals right from the first meeting. With expertise in technology and strategy, she transformed our ideas into a user-friendly app that drives results. The outcome? Engaged users and clear achievements. Our marketing team also received a lot of support with strategy and new creative ideas. Highly recommended!

Sophia Szollos, Marketing Manager


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